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Promoting Proper Packaging with Different Types of Bottling Machines

February 19, 2013

Packaging is use to cover the product, keep it clean and safe, and protect the goods during shipping. A proper packaging should have an appealing label that entices the consumers to purchase the product. It’s of great importance to label the products in the way the consumers would know the benefits that they could get from it. Proper packaging also gives marketing impression that what is packed is in good condition for use or consumption, and thus more valuable than the competitor’s product. Goods which are not properly packed only gain poor appreciation to the consumers and therefore not gaining reputation to marketplace.

bottling machines

bottling machines

When it comes to proper packaging, Apacks has been renowned as superior in creating and developing quality equipment for food and beverage industries. The company is situated in La Porte, Indiana in the United States and well-known in manufacturing hard-wearing and well-customized bottling machines that could withstand a test of time.

Apacks have few types of Bottling Machines that you could choose from:

  1. Gravity Filling Machine – This machine is best for thin liquids with consistent viscosity.  Volumetric by time gravity filling method produces repeatable and accurate fill volumes.
  2. Overflow Filling Machine – is typically used in consumer packaging applications where a consistent visual (cosmetic) fill level is required.
  3. Pump Filling Machine – are the most versatile type of liquid filler available. This filling machine requires a higher investment, but ideal for those packaging many different products.
  4.  Flow Meter Filling Machine – Flow meter fillers deliver consistent fill weight regardless of variations in the product. Fills thin to thick viscosity liquids with or without foam at high speeds. Easy to operate bottling machines.
  5. Molten Filling Machine – is designed to fill lip balms, candle wax, stick deodorants, lipstick, shoe polish, car wax, glycerin soaps and petroleum based products.
  6. Tube Fillers and Sealers – used for the filling and sealing of plastic or metal tubes for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, or chemical industries.

Apacks’ bottling machines are widely used to package food, cosmetics, chemicals, bottled water, pharmaceuticals, and beverages. For customers that are still uncertain on what appropriate machine to perfectly package their goods, you can easily contact Apacks using these numbers (Toll Free (USA): 866-369-9030) or you can write them for inquiry by hitting “contact us” on their main website and their sales engineer will assist you in determining the best fit for your application requirements. Learn more about the Benefits of Proper Packaging by Utilizing the Best Filling Machine


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