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Types of Bottle Filling Machine

June 9, 2013

With the huge change that technology created, equipment and devices used in production these days are designed to meet every unique production needs. The main purpose of the existence of liquid filler is to make the entire production a lot easier and faster. Everyday you see different products contained or filled in a bottle, but have you ever wonder how these products are all made and packed instantly? The smoothness of the whole production process depends on the efficacy of the machine employed. In the world of packaging industry, bottle filling machine is considered as the most sought-after equipment, not to mention it fill liquid products accurately. To get to know to some of the available liquid fillers in the marketplace, here is the list of some of them with its specific capabilities.

liquid fillers

1.Gravity fillers – This type of liquid filler is temperature-resistant. If you’re dealing with liquids like acids, paints, bleaches, and inks, then this type of equipment is the best one for you. It is also one the most affordable equipment in filling liquids. However, this machine has a little drawback since it requires close monitoring due to its shifting dynamics. Other than this, there are no other disadvantages noted.

2.Servo Pump Filling Equipment – For excellent accuracy choose servo pump filling equipment. It’s a bit pricey compared to other liquid fillers but its highly flexible. It can handle or load any types of liquid and fill it into its container accurately and efficiently.
This is famously used in pharmaceutical industries.

3.Peristaltic Bottling Machine – This filler is considerably the most requested equipment in bottling industry. Similar to servo pump, peristaltic bottling machine is also commonly used in pharmaceutical corporations. This machine is designed with peristaltic pumps and disposable tubes. This bottle filling machine perfectly works with highly sensitive liquids like chemicals, lubricants, and syrups.

4.Net Weigh Fillers – If you are bottling liquids that should be weight based, then consider this equipment. Customization is applicable to this type of filler.

5.Piston Filler – From the family of liquid fillers, piston filling machine is considered as the eldest. It’s naturally fast and can fill thousands of bottles with merchandise like sauces, honey, jams, gels, toothpaste, and many more.

The whole selection process should never be taken for granted, this stage is very crucial as this is the point of determining the success in your production.


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