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A Guide to First-time Floor Managers in Buying Filling Machines

June 11, 2013

Buying filling machines for the first-time might be overwhelming and nerve-racking especially if you don’t have someone to accompany you during the selection process. Choosing the most appropriate equipment for the company’s type of production is the main goal in buying filling machines. To ensure the success of this endeavor, here is a list of the specifics that first-time floor managers should consider and prepare in buying filling machines.

filling machines

Production flow Chart – Before looking for assortments of fillers in the market, it’s a good start to create a chart that contains the cycle that the product will go through. This will be the best way to elaborate and explain to the supplier how the product will go through each stage in the cycle.

Specifications – List down all the features that you wish to include in your filling machine. The prepared notes will speed up the communication process between client and the supplier.

Product Packaging – This includes the dimensions and the visual presentation of the product.

Product Description and its Nature – This area is composed of all the basic information about the product that needs to be filled. Viscosity of the liquid, filling accuracy ranges,  shelf life, pH, sterility, and fill temperature are all part of this section.

Space for Storage – The size of the filling machine is dependent on where it will be stored. Also check the dimension of the entrances, the hallway as well as the elevators to ensure that the equipment will fit to the areas it will go through.

Production Speed – Determine how fast your production should be. Do you want to fill thousands of bottles per hour?

Environmental Specs – Determine the area on where the machine will be installed. Check its humidity, temperature ranges and sanitation.

Utility supplies – Utility supply requirements should be comprised of electricity, heat, vacuum, steams, and compressed air – all of these should be accessible and readily available to where the machine will be installed.

The whole selection process may be such a headache, but if you choose to follow this guide, obtaining the right filling machine for your production is absolutely possible. Hand this information to your supplier; they will evaluate it one by one. After analyzing the data, expect that there will be following questions. As long as you answer them accurately, then there would be no problem in attaining best filling machine that your company aimed for.


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