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How Should Consumers Respond to Product Labels

June 11, 2013

Since consumer awareness is one of the main reasons why a product contains label, then it should also be buyer’s responsibility to help manufacturers improve their labeling. However, consumer at times becomes so negligent and sometimes disrespectful by sharing immoral and rude comments to ridicule the product. It’s frustrating to accept this fact especially to business owners who put so much effort to create this product. This improper act should not be expressed publicly, thus people should take in mind that as consumers you have roles to take in this society and that role is to become the agent of change. To make changes possible, buyers should be able to speak their mind and share their thoughts about the product labels to let manufacturers be aware on the weaknesses and strengths of their product in the marketplace. Consumers can do three main things to correct manufacturer’s mistake in their product labels.

labeling machinery

Promote Accurate Labeling

Its consumers job to habitually read the label with comprehension. Meaning to say, buyers should be meticulous in reading the printed information written in the label. If manufacturers become aware that consumers are reading their product labels, they will exert more effort in improving its looks and ensuring that written information are accurate and precise.

Share Feedback and Perceptions

It’s very inevitable to come across with products that have misleading and inadequate information. To let the manufacturer know about this, consumer should share their feedback and perceptions regarding the product. In case of reports or issues, find the company’s hotline number, call them and talk to them professionally about your concern.

Participate in Consumer Association

Be an advocate who promotes proper and accurate labeling by joining in circles like consumer association. Aside from the help you could offer, you can also enjoy the company of friends at the same time.

These may be simple acts but all of these will definitely help manufacturers become aware on the wrong side of their product. Boycotting the product is also an alternative to take if the manufacturer disregards making changes and neglecting consumer’s feedback. Though this alternative is advisable when it comes to serious issues, this option will still be the least thing to take as this entails so much hassle to both parties.



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