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The Purpose of Product Label

June 11, 2013

An important factor that affects the selling potential of the product is its label. The label is a tool that builds a bridge of communication between the producer and the consumer. A product label is composed of the product information, the company and the product cycle. Though the three seems to be a lot and you might thinking that how can a piece of paper accommodate such information. Well, there is just a single technique to house all of them and that is to be – direct, brief and concise. The writings printed in the label should be highly readable for consumers comfort.

labeling machiner

The product label serves three main purposes – to provide product information to the buyer, to market the product (this has been the most effective tool to get your product recognize), and the last is it serves as a legal requirement.

In designing product label, it’s best not to stuff it with too much information. Basic information includes the product name, manufacturer name and its address, date of manufacturing and expiry date, ingredients list, nutrient facts (for food and beverage products), and net weight of the product in the package. You could also include the brand name, company logo (for food and beverage products), instruction for preparing the product, storage, recipes, and bar codes.

Though some product can be distinguished easily by its brand name, some consumers are still cautious with its label to find more complete and accurate information, nature, and use. Thus, the primary purpose of the label is to provide useful and significant information about the product.


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