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Top Five Indicators that your Filing Machine needs Replacement

June 11, 2013

Filling machines is considered as a big investment in any business. It may be hard to accept that as time passed by equipment deteriorate in its performance and thus needs replacement. Keeping machines that provides inefficiency will only create hazards and risks not only to the crews but to the whole company as well. Being on the news headlines with awful subject like risking the life of an employee due to the usage of inefficient machine will only create bad recognition to your company. As a business owner you need to stay cautious on every aspect in your company. You need to be fully aware on the things that needs much attention and replacing a deteriorating filling machine is one of those. There are certain signs that your machine needs replacement and these are listed below:

filling machine

1.   Speed Reduction

To justify this you need to document every incident that it happens. Ask a crew to do the recording. Once the data is handed to you, analyze it together with your production engineer and compare the production rates before and to the present.

2.   Quality Decreases

If the rejected bottles or container increases, then there is a great possibility that its quality also decreases.

3.   Maintenance Increases

This is the most obvious sign that the filling machine equipment is deteriorating. If you observe that the machine requires maintenance every week or every other day then have your machine check to know if it can still be fix or not.

4.   Component Obsolescence

If the parts of the machine are no longer available from the manufacturer or from any third-party suppliers, then it’s best to replace the machine with a new one.

5.   Inability of Adapting Modifications

If the marketing demands a new packaging design or size. Replacing the old one is better than modifying the machine and forcing it to do on what it was not designed to.

If the company is not yet ready with the funds in buying a new filling machine, applying for a loan would be the finest alternative. It might bring tough times to the company’s finances but it would be very much worth it as there is no use of employing an inefficient machine that constantly put chaos to the smoothness of the entire production.



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