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Four Pointers to Consider Before Purchasing Liquid Fillers

July 17, 2013

There are a lot of liquid fillers available in the market nowadays and it will be very unsurprising to get confused when you meet them. With all of its different specifications, assortments, capacities, and specialization, expect that the selection process will brought too much dilemmas. Every filling project requires different liquid filling machines. Thus, every filler is unique and plays significant filling task different from the others. Whatever type of equipment your production required to have; there are essential concerns to consider before jumping into finally purchasing a packaging machine. To help you achieve the right machine for your production, consider the following tips as they will guide you to the entire purchasing plan.

1. Determine the appropriate filling principle for your type of production

Filling machines have different principles of filling product. Every principle is different from the others and serves its unique purpose in the production process. It’s good to start with evaluating what kind of product you are going to pack. Thin and thick liquids or what are commonly known as low viscosity and high viscosity products require different liquid fillers to accomplish the filling process. Thick liquids use piston filler or pump filling machine, while thin liquids require overflow filling machine or gravity filler. These are general rules. However, changes may be possible for special cases like project that handles two or more products with different level of viscosity.

2. Decide how fast your production rate will be

Production rate can be calculated easily. The calculation will be made easier by deciding beforehand how many containers you wish to fill in every cycle. If liquid fillers have 4 fill heads and can complete 2 cycles per minute, then the machine can fill sixteen bottles per minute, or 960 bottles per hour. Changes in the production rate are obviously applicable by adding or subtracting the number of fill heads or through increasing the speed of the pump.

3. Evaluate if the machine can work with all types of containers

Aside from the type of product, another important thing to consider is the flexibility of the machine. Almost all industries use different bottle sizes to match every buyer’s needs. Thus, liquid fillers should work with different types of bottles used in packaging the product. Different packaging equipment requires different changeover for the sizes of the bottles. Though every machine are able to handle different container, there are still some filling machine that works better when it comes to a more speedy and efficient changeover while reducing the filler’s downtime. The changeover can cause downtime to the filler that will also result to the delay in the production.

4. Assess if the machine can work with your existing equipment

If you already have the equipment of your choice, the next essential thing to do is to asses if the machine can work with your other existing equipment. If you already ensure its versatility in working with other equipment, then expect that you are on the right track! There are plenty of automatic liquid fillers that can be matched with any existing bottling conveyors. However, it’s important to note that semi-automatic machines may not be able to work with other packaging machines. Changes in packaging will always occur anytime in the future. Always take time to evaluate if the machine is capable of working with other packaging machinery in your plant industry to refrain from investing into a machine that will eventually become obsolete.

As the internet is always accessible, it’s always best to inquire to two or more liquid filler manufacturer and always get ready with your list of all the latest and conventional equipment to speed up the decision process. Accomplishing the four tips ensure greater chances of getting the right equipment for your type of production.










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