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The Truth About Start-up Companies and the Right Filling Machine for them

July 21, 2013

All businesses regardless of how huge started from scratch and all. The first five years in running a business is remarkably the hardest and the most challenging part. Within these years, business owners deal with a lot of dilemmas and issues that need immediate solutions in order for the company to flourish. During these years, companies are literally proactive in building their reputation, expanding their networks, and attending media exposure, which can all be sum-up as product marketing. Product marketing involves sufficient fund, which is unquestionably costly but very valuable in the end. Marketing the product is indeed significant for starting companies for their product to be known and recognized by the consumers. But before the marketing and all, business owners will have to determine first what appropriate equipment to be use.

filling machine

Start-up companies begin with a limited sales area that might range from one locality, while some start-up industries are lucky enough to serve a whole state. For companies that produce smaller production demands, tabletop filling equipment is the best option. Tabletop filling machine requires two or more operators to accomplish the filling task. Operators can turn on the switch of the equipment using its finger or foot to start filling products.

All companies aim for growth or expansion in the future, of course the faster the growth, the better. However if the growth continually increases, tabletop filling machine may not be suitable for the type of production. It may become obsolete and may not be able to handle to the complexity of the production. With this instance, semi-automatic filling machine will be the best fit. One of the best things about semi-automatic filling equipment is its flexibility in working with other equipment like power conveyor systems. Furthermore, the equipment can also be added with additional fill heads depending on the needs of the packager. Thus, semi-automatic equipment is designed to grow together with the company, truly useful and cost-effective equipment.

Luck may play to some starting companies who have products that will have amazing sales in the market. For these companies, automatic filling equipment is necessary. When the product shows continuous increase in sales every time, business owners should make use of this opportunity as there will be no assurance when tastes will change. In other words, business owners should always ensure the availability of the product to please consumers. Similar to semi-automatic filling equipment, automatic filling machine can also work with a power conveyor system and can be combined with other equipment like capping machines, labelers, bottle rinsers, and a lot more. Automatic liquid filling machine can start filling without an operator to manage. It uses and indexing system to move the bottles in and out of the fill heads and uses sensors to send signals that the bottle is ready for filling. In addition, the machine also uses a touchscreen operator interface to set up the bottles and changeover. This equipment is upgradeable and best fit to those companies that produce higher production demands.

Preparing a packaging line for a starting product is very challenging. However, no company can ever escape doing this task. To be successful with this undertaking, it’s best to read more resources to come up with the right filling machine.



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