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The Right Filling Machine for Products with Particulates

July 30, 2013

Jellies, jams, salad dressing, and hand soaps are some of the products with particulates. Particulates added to those products may be in grainy bits for hand soaps, large fruit chunks for jams and jellies, or may be in fine particulates. There are various types of filling machines for filling products with particulates. However, it is important to note that there is only a specific liquid filler that will match to an individual product and the granular-form it contained. Meaning to say, the selection of filler is dependent on the characteristic of the products and its particulates. There are basically three filling machines best in filling products containing particulates and they are listed below:

filling machine

· Overflow filler can fill thin liquids and can handle products with smaller particulates. This filling machine uses special nozzle that seals the container’s opening and fill products to the bottle. Once the product reaches its pre-defined level, the supply will stop, allowing all containers having the same equal fill. Even though there are slight variations with the inside volume of the bottle, overflow filler is still consistent in achieving level fill. Overflow filler is not applicable in filling products in bigger particulates as this can block the nozzle’s opening and will cause inconsistent fill that will eventually damage the nozzles.

· Pump Filler can handle products higher in viscosity and products with large particulates. The type of pump used in pump fillers will depend on the particulates and products that will be filled in the container. Since this filling machine can handle larger particulates, it is then understood that it can also fill thick products with smaller particulates. Pump fillers are not applicable for products that are extremely high in viscosity with larger particulates. Forcing the filler to these extremities will create inconsistency on the filling process as larger particulates may block the products pathway, which in the end will cause damage to the machine.

· Piston Filler is the best liquid filler to use for filling products that are highly viscous with larger particulates. This filler can handle products which are extremely thick like tomato paste and putties. Piston filling machine can provide a highly accurate volumetric fill. This type of filler uses a piston to pull the product into a cylinder. The cylinder will then allow ample area to handle larger particulates, which the pump filler cannot accommodate. With the use of the piston and with the right nozzle, larger chunks like fruits in jams can be pulled into the piston filler cylinder and pushed out into its waiting container.

Before purchasing a filling machine for products with particulates, it’s important to take into account first the types of products and the particulates it contained. Overlooking this aspect might create mistakes that will eventually bring inaccuracy to the entire filling procedure.


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